In addition to the executive board and the general meeting, the bodies of our research institute constitute the academic advisory council, the board of trustees and the senior management team. The FIW also receives long term ideational guidance and financial support from its many sponsors.

Executive Board

The research institute is managed by the chairwoman and her representative. The executive board also includes the treasurer and additional persons.


Members can be entrepreneurship-related organisations and associations. Membership is not available to companies or individual persons, although they are welcome to sponsor the research institute.

Academic Advisory Council

The academic advisory council represents the link between the research institute with the world of academia. The council is appointed by the executive board.

Board of Trustees

The board of trustees provides advice regarding the principle issues relevant to the institute and ensures a close link with the commercial and industrial organisations, academia and public and private research organisations which are active in the functional fields of our institute. It consists of the extended executive board and additional trustees.


Sponsors are companies, associations, law firms and individual persons as well as organisations which are not of an entrepreneurial nature.

The topical statutes you find here.